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Address: 255 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77060,USA

Marriott Houston North USA

Houston Marriott North is the ideal spot for those who seek a refreshing gateway in Houston (Texas). From close vicinity to the George Bush Airport to the breathtaking skylines of the city, this city is ideal for business & leisure traverse.

The hotel also offers guests a free shuttle service, so they don't have to wait after the flight. Once the guests have rested at the hotel, they can explore the North Houston or the Woodlands! According to Houston Marriott North, they have recently renovated the entire hotel, meaning the guests can now expect a higher level of comfort & world-class amenities. To provide a memorable stay to guests, the Houston Marriott North Hotel needed to ensure no details were left unattended. After all, guests expect nothing less than the ultimate level of comfort & luxury when staying at the Houston Marriott North.

To achieve this goal, the Houston Marriott North Hotel decided to go with Yumeya as we are known for durable, comfortable & stylish chairs. As a result of this partnership, the Houston Marriott North Hotel has managed to provide a comfortable seating solution that's ideal for the guests to unwind, socialize, & work.

For the outdoor pool & the lobby area, Yumeya has provided lounge chairs with various designs. One of the best parts about these lounge chairs is that they strike a perfect balance between comfort & great design that aligns with the overall environment. This blend of form & function allows the Houston Marriott North Hotel to use these chairs in diverse settings.

Marriott Houston North USA

Another benefit of the lounge chairs from Yumeya is that they are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy usage, which helps them retain their allure over time. By using high-end waterproof fabrics, hotel guests can rest on the lounge after swimming without worrying about leaving watermarks or marks. As a result of this integration, the Houston Marriott North Hotel has managed to ensure that the guests can unwind & relax in ultimate comfort.

In the event halls & meeting room, Yumeya has provided modern & stylish banquet chairs. Other than great looks & durability, these side chairs are also stackable, allowing the Houston Marriott North to store & rearrange them for various events easily.

Marriott Houston North USA

The best part is that all the banquet chairs provided by Yumeya completely complement the hotel's decor. From the table design to the flooring to the lighting to the decor, these chairs from Yumeya complement everything & actually help to elevate the atmosphere. This seamless integration of chairs from Yumeya has allowed a luxurious hotel like Houston Marriott North to uphold its values!

Marriott Houston North USA

Moreover, banquet chairs for Houston Marriott North Hotel are durable, lightweight and can be moved and install in a really quick time. Made of 2.0mm aluminum, the stressed part is even more than 4.0mm, the chairs are able to bear a weight of 500lbs. And it’s backed by Yumeya 10 years warranty on frame and molded foam. In a busy hotel like this, the benefit of easy maintenance also can't be overstated, as it allows the management always to keep the chairs in pristine condition.

Marriott Houston North USA

In summary, the Houston Marriott North goes above and beyond to make sure its guests experience the highest comfort and luxury. By choosing Yumeya chairs, they have made a wise investment in furniture that combines durability, style, and ease of maintenance. This commitment to excellence reflects Marriott's dedication to providing an unforgettable experience for every guest.