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Location12400 Greenspoint Dr, Houston, TX 77060

Hilton Houston North USA

Hilton Houston North redefines hospitality with its friendly staff and a focus on comfort. For international & local guests alike, the location of the Hilton Houston North is ideal as it is only 10 minutes away from the famous George Bush Airport.

In addition, the Hilton Houston North is also near the Greenspoint Mall, which allows easy access to entertaining, dining, & shopping at the finest brands. To further enhance the appeal, the Hilton Houston North also offers an outdoor pool & a dedicated fitness center.

Overall, the Hilton Houston North is a great hotel in Texas that distinguishes itself with special in-room services, trained staff, and purpose-built rooms.

Hilton Houston North USA

The hotel needed chairs built with the same high standards to ensure these values were upheld. To fulfill this requirement, the Hilton Houston North decided to go with Yumeya, a world-class manufacturer of comfortable & versatile chairs.

After looking at the Hilton Houston North requirements, Yumeya provided chairs suitable for meeting room, banquet hall and restaurant.

It appears that this partnership was a success, as most of the guests who enjoyed staying at the Hilton Houston North praised the hotel's unwavering commitment to providing a comfortable experience. One of the key factors that has allowed the Hilton Houston North to make sure this level of comfort is its partnership with Yumeya.

From the hotel's perspective, there were many reasons to go with Yumeya for the chairs. The first one was the 10-year warranty, which in itself assures the management that they are investing in a reliable seating solution.Similarly, using high-quality materials in Yumeya's chairs means these chairs can easily handle the rigorous use of guests daily. Most of the chairs produced by Yumeya are built with steel or aluminum - This allows chairs to have a higher degree of durability, which is usually not found in average chairs. For a commercial space like Hilton Houston North, that can be really beneficial as they have a reputation to uphold!

Hilton Houston North USA

Another factor that sets Yumeya apart from other chair manufacturers is the availability of different styles & colors. This allows the Hilton Houston North to customize the seating arrangements based on the aesthetic needs of each event. As a result, Hilton Houston North can ensure comfort & an aesthetically pleasing seating arrangement for conferences, weddings, & other gatherings.

Hilton Houston North USA

The next feature that made chairs from Yumeya the right fit for Hilton Houston North was the comfort factor. The meeting room of Hilton Houston North is popular local venues for hosting large-scale conferences and forums. Guests usually take a sit on a chair for hours, so comfort is very important for them. Yumeyas banquet chair follows ergonomic design, we focused design of the chairs have allowed the hotel to provide the ideal seating solution that enhances the guest's satisfaction.

Hilton Houston North USA

Manager of the hotel management expressed their appreciation of the Yumeya's chairs in these words: "Yumeya is a name that's synonymous with top quality chairs that deliver on comfort & durability. Our collaboration with Yumeya has allowed the Hilton Houston North to uphold its stellar reputation for hosting events that exceed the guests expectations."