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Location:Adare, Co. Limerick, V94 W8WR Ireland

Adare Manor Ireland

Adare Manor prides itself as one of Ireland's best 5-star hotels with its world-class facilities and amenities. For those seeking a lavish experience that's beyond everything, the Adare Manor Ireland is the ultimate destination. In 2022, the Adare Manor was also awarded as the #1 resort in the entire world by Condé Nast Traveler.

One of the best things about Adare Manor is that it makes you feel right at home by leaving nothing to chance. From sipping your favorite drink to getting the best seat to enjoying your favorite dish, Adare Manor gives you a feeling that anything is possible. The very walls of the Adare Manor carry the decades-old heritage of Ireland's hospitality. Since the building is sumptuously restored, it continues to brim with the gothic splendor that reminds the guests of the prestigious past and the limitless future. 

Adare Manor is known for its unmatched luxury & sophistication that ensures guests enjoy an unparalleled experience. The only way to achieve this was to ensure that everything in Adare Manor was up to the mark. And one of those areas which can make or break a guest's experience is the furniture!

Adare Manor Ireland

Through their partnership with Yumeya, the Adare Manor has managed to add a layer of refinement & comfort by offering seating arrangements that work for everyone. Yumeya is a distinguished furniture manufacturer with a history of excellence, just like the Adare Manor, which makes this partnership truly shine.

If we take a quick look at the benefits Adare Manor got from this partnership, the durability, comfort, stackability, and aesthetics of the Yumeya chairs complement the hotel's regal theme.

Adare Manor Ireland

Due to these benefits, Yumeya chairs adorn the lobby, dining areas, hotel rooms, and the event venues of the Adare Manor. This comprehensive integration of Yumeya's chairs speaks volumes about the commitment of Adare Manor to ensuring that every aspect of its guest experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Adare Manor Ireland

Now, if we talk about the benefits of Yumeya chairs, the top of the list is durability. The chairs from Yumeya use premium raw materials that are built to withstand the rigors of a high-end luxury hotel. As a result of this exceptional durability, the chairs can easily bear 500 pounds of weight! In addition, the wood grain texture on the chair coated by Tiger powder coat promotes easy maintenance while offering superior aesthetic value. The next feature that stands out is the stackability. Yumeya's chairs look great and offer easy storage convenience, can stacked 5-10pcs, allowing Adare Manor to adapt its venues to suit different occasions effortlessly.

Adare Manor Ireland

Just like that, the elegant aesthetics of Yumeya's chairs blend seamlessly with the gothic splendor and sumptuous ambiance of Adare Manor. So whether the guests are savoring a gourmet meal in the Michelin-starred restaurant or relaxing in the opulent hotel rooms, these chairs add a touch of sophistication to every setting.

In conclusion, Adare Manor's partnership with Yumeya has elevated the hotel's commitment to excellence in hospitality. The fusion of durability, comfort, stackability, and aesthetic appeal in Yumeya's chairs perfectly complements the hotel's opulent theme, ensuring that guests at Adare Manor experience the epitome of luxury and refinement in every aspect of their stay.