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Location:  Pakuwon Mall Jalan, Jl. Raya Lontar No.2, Puncak Indah, Surabaya City, East Java 60216

The Westin Surabaya Indonesia

The Westin Surabaya is among the top 5-star hotels in Indonesia, with a stellar rating of 4.8/5.0. One of the distinct highlights of The Westin Surabaya is that it offers "celebrity treatment" to every guest of the hotel! That alone speaks enough about the quality of service provided by the hotel. The Westin Surabaya offers more amenities than one can imagine, which makes it the ideal spot for those visiting Indonesia. The Westin Surabaya is also ideal for business travelers as it features a dedicated business center with conference rooms & all the other amenities. And for those seeking the best culinary experience, The Westin Surabaya also has several restaurants that serve the best food from around the world.

The Westin Surabaya Indonesia

Being a 5-star hotel in Indonesia means the Westin Surabaya can't compromise on any aspect of hospitality. That's why the Westin Surabaya Hotel decided to procure commercial chairs from Yumeya rather than going with any ordinary furniture manufacturer. The commercial chairs from Yumeya have enabled the Westin Surabaya to offer durable & comfortable seating solutions to its guests. At the same time, the commercial chairs from Yumeya also align perfectly with different themes used throughout the hotel. In the guest rooms, these chairs from Yumeya exhibit modernism, style, & superior comfort. Basically, all the things a guest would expect from a 5-star hotel's seating arrangement are present in Yumeya's chairs.

The Westin Surabaya IndonesiaSimilarly, the different restaurants present inside the Westin Surabaya Hotel also adorn the Yumeya's chairs. Once again, Yumeya's vast chairs inventory means the hotel had plenty of options for choosing the right style & design of chairs in the restaurants. From the tables to the lighting to the wall paint to the decorations, these chairs truly elevate the interior. One of the key highlights of Yumeya's chairs is the fact that they are made with wood grain technology. In simple words, the Westin Surabaya Hotel can adorn chairs that resemble solid wood at a fraction of the cost. The bulk of the chairs from Yumeya are actually made with durable metals, which are then coated with wood grain.

The Westin Surabaya IndonesiaThe end result is a stunning chair that looks luxurious and offers long-term durability. Speaking of durability, the Westin Surabaya Hotel also enjoys a superior weight-bearing capacity (500+ pounds) offered by these chairs. Yumeya provide 10-year frame warranty to all the chairs and free from any after-sales worries.

The Westin Surabaya IndonesiaAnother benefit enjoyed by the Westin Surabaya Hotel is that these chairs can be stacked! So whenever the hotel experiences an increased influx of guests, it can easily bring out stacked chairs from the storage room & create seating arrangements on the go. And once the hotel no longer needs too many chairs, the management can store them for future use!

The Westin Surabaya IndonesiaOverall, the Westin Surabaya Hotel has made the right choice by partnering up With Yumeya. After all, Yumeya has been making commercial chairs for multiple decades & thus knows the requirements of the hospitality industry. Choosing hotel seating from Yumeya Furniture to ensure 100% guest satisfaction and your hotel is running properly.